Roof Repairs

Repair Existing Roofs

Prestige Home Building has vast experience in roof repairs and maintenance. We hold a roof registration license certifying our qualifications.

Professional Roof Repairers

Our professional tradespeople will bring your roof back to life and ensure it continues to last you for years to come. Why go through the difficult, expensive process of a completely new roof when you can extend the lifetime of your existing roof with prestige home building's 3-step roof restoration process.

Repairing roofs of all types

Whether you have a tiled or metallic roof, we are able to fully repair and revive your roof. Removal of mold, rot and rust followed by application of cutting edge treatments and addition of structural and water-proofing elements will ensure your home remains water-tight and prevent any future leaks.

Past projects

Prestige Home building are experts in building, repairing and maintaining roofs of all make and type. We have completed more than 350 roofing projects in South Australia across both residential and commercial projects.